What Corbyn should say in his next clarification on Article 50

No, I can’t work out Labour’s position on Brexit either.  To recap 24 hours of confusion:

1) Corbyn says Labour has a red line over access to the single market (this isn’t very clear, as North Korea has “access” to the single market, but let’s move on) and that Labour will block the triggering of Article 50 if it doesn’t get assurances

Watson says Labour will not block the triggering

Corbyn says we won’t block Article 50 (but doesn’t give a timescale on the not blocking) but will work for a “Brexit that works for Britain”

This is a mess, and I wonder how much it’s about Tom Watson going rogue.

However, I think there’s one way Corbyn can that reconcile his block/not block hokey cokey. This is what he might say be way of clarification, becqause ir also has the advantage of being a sensible strategy.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that the government’s attempts to open up trade and trade deals beyond the EU are a complete disaster – the PM will return from India with absolutely nothing to show for the air miles – and thus how important to the country’s financial and social stability that we have some kind of workable deal with the EU, even if this falls short of full tariff free membership.

This is our red line. The government’ incompetence has got into this mess, and we will give it a chance to get out of it, by finding some workable arrangement which keeps Britain financially afloat. If it cannot do this, we will block Article 50 and demand a general election, which we will seek to win on the basis that only Labour has the ability, including cordial relationships with EU partners, to deliver Brexit on terms which give us some kind of trading future, while respecting the result of the referendum.

This delivery will require a great deal more than a ‘deal’ on the single market, which even with a mew productive relationship with the EU is unlikely to be full membership. It will require a total reformulation of industrial strategy, as well as proper agreement on the best way forward for the devolved administrations, on both of which the current government has displayed utter incompetence, but which mu shadow team is already working hard to deliver, as an alternative to this useless, clueless government.”

I’ll be in my office if his press guys want to retain my services.

Author: paulinlancs

Councillor for the Socialist Republic of Bickerstaffe. Interested in making things happen, except when there's cricket on. Sadly, there's never cricket on.

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