About this blog

This Coward Flinched is written by me, a flinching coward.

Between 2009 and 2015 I blogged fairly consistently at Though Cowards Flinch, which i.

That blog’s time has gone.  The original author was Dave Semple, a Marxist of fierce intelligence, who does not suffer cowards gladly.   When Dave gave up blogging to create more space for his brand of militant political activism, I continued solo, but by then I was moving away from the demands and, to my mind, constraints of classical Marxism (Dave would argue I never got very close anyway) and towards a democratic socialism indebted more to German post-war thinkers like Habermas, Schlink and Beck.

So when the time came to renew the WordPress fee, it didn’t get done, and the liveblog died, though it now archived by the British Library as a prominent political blog of its time. I suppose I should be proud of that, but looking back, I didn’t half write some bollox.

So that was then. This is now.  Forwards with communicative power, I say, unless someone cleverer than me tells me I’m talking crap, in which case the old intellectual cowardice, born of the insecurities of someone who didn’t start reading proper books till recently, will out.